Projection Screen - Manual Pull-Down


Manual Pull Down Projection Screen

♦ Matt white surface with 2 sided black borders
♦ Manual pull down and keeping

 Product Code: RI-PSMA-70 
♦ Screen size: 1780mm x 1780mm
♦ Viewing area: 1710mm x 1780mm
♦ Casing length: 1900mm
♦ Total height: 1900mm

 Product Code: RI-PSMA-84 
♦ Screen size: 2130mm x 2130mm
♦ Viewing area: 2050mm x 2080mm
♦ Casing length: 2270mm
♦ Total height: 2270mm

 Product Code: RI-PSMA-96 
♦ Screen size: 2440mm x 2440mm
♦ Viewing area: 2360mm x 2440mm
♦ Casing length: 2570mm
♦ Total height: 2520mm