Projection Screen - Semi Auto

Semi Auto Projection Screen

♦ Matt white surface without black border
♦ With auto-gear mechanism which allows screen to roll up slowly and smoothly
♦ Precise stop position when pulled down

 Product Code: RI-PSSA-1515 
♦ Screen size: 1580mm x 1580mm
♦ Viewing area: 1580mm x 1580mm
♦ Casing length: 1640mm
♦ Total height: 1660mm

 Product Code: RI-PSSA-1818 
♦ Screen size: 1830mm x 1830mm
♦ Viewing area: 1830mm x 1830mm
♦ Casing length: 1890mm
♦ Total height: 1910mm

 Product Code: RI-PSSA-2121 
♦ Screen size: 2140mm x 2140mm
♦ Viewing area: 2140mm x 2140mm
♦ Casing length: 2200mm
♦ Total height: 2220mm

 Product Code: RI-PSSA-2424 
♦ Screen size: 2440mm x 2440mm
♦ Viewing area: 2440mm x 2440mm
♦ Casing length: 2500mm
♦ Total height: 2520mm