Fixed Rails Barricades - Stainless Steel

  Optional Size: L2000mm x H1090mm 

 Optional Size: L2500mm x H1100mm 
Stainless Steel Barricade
 Product Code: RI-FR010-SS 

♦ Standard one sided complete with wheels and one sided with fixed rail
♦ Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
♦ Optional size:
   L2000mm x H1090mm
   L2500mm x H1100mm

Acrylic Signage
 Product Code: RI-FRS-55 
♦ Display size: L500mm x H500mm
♦ Printed logo on reversed sticking sticker with 3mm clear acrylic backing
♦ Ready artwork in soft copy to be provided by customer
♦ Does not include logo design
Customised Sizes Are Available Upon Request