Folding System - 4-Folds

4 Fold 
Folding System

♦ Easy to assemble
♦ Ideally for space constraint
♦ Portable with black canvas carrier bag
♦ Material: Black anodised aluminium frame
♦ Double sided felt pinning board (Standard in one sided black & one sided dark blue)
♦ User friendly either with pin or velcro

 Product Code: RI-MEPFS-4F 
Dimension (Each individual panel): 
♦ Header: L660mm x H355mm -- 4 panels
♦ Bottom: L660mm x H955mm -- 8 panels
♦ Overall size: L2640mm x H2270mm

Supporting Stand
 Product Code: RI-MEPSL 
♦ Material: Stainless Steel
♦ Suitable for folding system or basic display board
♦ Increase stability of display panels
♦ Additional support for adjusting panels in other angle