Anti Glare Magnetic Tempered Glass Writing Board


 Anti Glare 
Magnetic Tempered Glass Writing Board
 With Pre-Drilled Holes 
 Product Code: RI-MGWB-W03 

♦ White backing
♦ Fingerprint free matt surface
♦ Perfect combination for writing and multimedia projection
♦ Magnetic 5mm thickness tempered glass 
♦ Able to hold strong magnet
♦ Polished edges and radius rounded corners
♦ With Pre-drilled holes
♦ Complete with stainless steel spacers
♦ Inclusive:
   Length 300mm glass pen tray - 1pc
   Strong magnet buttons - 2nos

Sizes Available :
(Length x Height) mm
1500 x 1200
1800 x 1200
2000 x 1200
2400 x 1200


Glass Pen Tray
 Product Code: RI-TRAY-G 

♦ Length 300mm
♦ Complete with 2nos of stainless steel mounting brackets


Coloured Strong Magnet
 Product Code: RI-MAGNET 2 

♦ Suitable for magnetic glass surface
♦ Diameter: 30mm
♦ 5nos per pack (Assorted colour: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Transparent)